Information for REAP partners: How you can get involved with COP26 

27 October, 2021
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COP26 offers REAP an opportunity to bring together its growing network of partners to persuade others of the importance and benefits of early action. Would you like to join us?
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The world has started to see the benefits of early action, but there is much more that needs to be done, and done fast, if we are to save lives and protect economies. COP26 offers REAP an opportunity to bring together its growing network of partners and to use our collective voice/power to persuade others of the importance and benefits of early action.  

At COP26, we will:

  • Highlight how the race to resilience is just as important as the race to zero 

  • Cast a vision of what risk-informed early action at scale looks like, making the case for further investment given its role in supporting adaptation to the changing climate

  • Showcase the fantastic work of our partners from around the world who are already realising the benefits of anticipatory and early approaches, making communities more resilient
  • Provide an opportunity for new members to join and for supporters of early action to make further pledges of support and commitments towards the four targets 

Opportunities for partners at COP26 

We are keen to work together with as many partners as possible. Whether you are attending COP26 in person or virtually, there are opportunities for you.  

  • Join our communications working group – a place to share information about communications activities, media opportunities, networking events and more

  • Share your case studies – we're looking for case studies to highlight the many benefits of risk-informed early action to share among our networks

  • Put your spokespeople forward – contribute to our media outreach activities 

  • Engage in our events – see here for the full list 

For more information on the above, please contact Becky Slack at or on +44 7854 221 568.

Not yet a partner but would like to be? 

The Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (REAP) is open to all countries, organisations and initiatives that share its ambition for making one billion people safer from disasters and identify actions or commitments towards achieving REAP’s targets.  

Our partners include developed and developing countries, major international organisations and civil society, and private sector representatives. Established with the support of 24 convening partners and 15 countries, REAP continues to grow a diverse partnership.  

What we offer partners

  • Access to a global network of expertise across the full value chain of Early Warning Early Action interventions 

  • A platform to showcase your achievements and profile your commitments 

  • Opportunities to exchange knowledge and solutions via collaboration and new partnerships with others 

How to become a member 
Prospective partners are invited to submit a Letter of Intent together with their official log to the REAP Secretariat confirming their desire to join REAP and where possible identifying actions and commitments that contribute to the achievement of REAP’s targets. For more information, see here or contact