Launch event for REAP's "Early Action: The State of Play 2021"

24 March, 2022
MENA Climate Week

Access "Early Action: The State of Play 2021" here.


Early Action: The State of Play 2021
Launch at MENA Regional Climate Week

Monday, 28th March 2022, 17:00 GST
Spice A - Room B Davos 6
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The world is facing an unprecedented climate crisis. In the past ten years, 83% of all disasters triggered by natural hazards were caused by extreme weather- and climate-related events, such as floods, storms and heatwaves. The number of such disasters has risen almost 35% since the 1990s. However, there is still hope. While the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance due to climate-related disasters could double by 2050 to 200 million a year, concerted early action could also decrease that number to 10 million.

Early action initiatives that make people safer from disaster are being implemented across the globe. However, more work needs to be done to establish an effective evidence base from which lessons can be learned about what works, what doesn’t, and what is still needed to take early action to the scale demanded by the increasing impacts of climate change. "Early Action: The State of Play 2021" from the Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (REAP) aims to contribute to that evidence base.

Early Action: The State of Play 2021

REAP will launch its inaugural State of Play at MENA Climate Week. The report provides a snapshot of early warning early action commitment, investment and activity over the previous year. It intends to give decision-makers top-line analysis that identifies gaps and opportunities in the delivery of early action, and supports the broader goal of a systemic shift towards acting ahead of disasters, which is critical for effective climate action.

The launch will begin with the screening of a short video containing a statement by the COP26 Presidency on the importance of coherent, aligned and committed climate action. The video will be followed by in-person interventions from key REAP Partners, with time for Q&A at the end.


Introduction and welcoming remarks: Ben Webster, Head of Secretariat of REAP 

Keynote address: COP26 President, Alok Sharma (pre-recorded video statement)

Remarks from the COP26 Presidency, and the UK’s commitment towards the agenda in MENA: Janet Rogan, COP26 Regional Ambassador for Africa and the Middle East  

Remarks from Resurgence: Dr. Nuha Eltinay, Representative for MENA Region and Board Advisor, Resurgence 

Remarks from UNDRR: Dr. Animesh Kumar, Head, UNDRR Office in Bonn